zaterdag 7 februari 2015



 Camel coat: Primark // T-shirt dress: Zara // Necklace: Claires // Leggings: H&M // Shoes: Nike

Hi guys, long time no see! First of all happy 2015 haha. I finally have a outfitpost for you again. In my last blogpost I told you about my trip to London. It was awesome! I shopped a lot, the camel coat wich I am wearing on the pictures did I buy by Primark in London. I really love how the coat fits. This outfit is one of my favorite outfits from the last few months. It is simple & comfortable but it still looks like I have put a lot of effort into my outfit haha. I wear my black Nike air windrunner TR 2 (from the kids section) almost every day. They walk like heaven and they fits with any outfit.

Do you like my outfit? And what is your favorite outfit to wear?

zondag 5 oktober 2014

Travel | Going to London!

Hello! Today another kind of blogpost, not an outfit this time. I am going to London with school tomorrow. I am so exited! I really love London I went to London a few years ago when I was really little. I sleep in a host family and I am a little bit nervous because my Enlish is really bad... But I stay with two other girls in the host family so that will be fun! I look forward to shop, I saved some money so I can go grazy in the Primark, topshop, boots etc. I will also visit the Chelsea stadion, the Lion king, Imperial War Museum and Victoria and Alber Museum. So London is going to be great!


Make- up

Things to kill the time


maandag 4 augustus 2014


   Crop top: Primark // Cardigan: Primark // Purse: Primark // Shorts: Levi's (episode) // Belt: Sting //   Shoes: Zara //
   First Necklace: DIY // Second & third necklace: costes

Hi guyss! It is a long time ago that i have been blogging, isn't it? Well it is holiday so i was busy doing cool stuff like going to Berlin with my parents and going to Terschelling (one of the Dutch islands) for a paty holiday with my girlfriends. It was all really really nice!! Berlin is a beautiful city where you can go shopping and do some sightseeing as well. And i recommend Terschelling for a fun party holiday for people with my age. Lets talk about the ouftit now! It is a really easy outfit, just some shorts with a crop top and a cardigan for when it gets a little bit colder. This kind of ouftit did i wear almost the entire holiday. I am totally in love with my new purse. I actually wanted the 'my mochila bag' but i didn't have money for it, so i think this is a nice look-a-like for only €5,-.

What do you wear in summertime?

vrijdag 9 mei 2014



                                    Sunglasses: Monki // Top: Forever21 // Skirt: H&m // Shoes: Converse All Stars

Hi! This night I returned from my holiday in Gran Canaria. I went with my mum. It was the first time we went on holiday without my dad and brother. But it all went really well! We stayed in a beautiful hotel with four swimming-pools! The hotel was really near the beach, you could see and hear the sea from the hotel. We actually didn't do any sight-seeing or something like that, we only sunbathed, swum and we went running at the beach two times. We also met friends from my mum who stayed in the same hotel as us but we didn't know, so that was really happen to be! Every night mum and I went out for diner and we liked to dress up a little. This is one of my favorite outfits which I wore at night.  I love the the classy skirt combinated with the sporty shoes.

What do you think of my outfit? And how was your holiday?

maandag 14 april 2014



Hellooo! A few weeks ago did i buy those beautiful shoes. I already saw them on other blogs but i didn't found a (web)shop who sold them for a good price. Until i saw those baby's on , they are from the brand "Eden". I really like them because they make a simple outfit complete. I wore them a lot and they are really comfortable!
I will try to blog more but school makes it kind of impossible because i have to work really hard. And i problaby won't pass this schoolyear and that makes me kind of sad. But yeah.... At the end of this month do i have a holiday for 2 weeks so then i have some more time to blog! And easter is this weekend ofcourse! Friday am i going out for dinner with a few friends for the birthday from one of my best friends, Saturday do i have a birthday party from 3 other friends and Sunday i have a birthday from another freind and Sunday & Monday will i spend some time with my familly! :)

What do you think of my new shoes? And do you  already have plans for easter this weekend?

dinsdag 25 februari 2014


                                              Jacket: Primark // Muscle tee: H&M // Necklace: Primark // Pants: Levi's // Purse: Primark // Shoes: Vagabond

Hii, after a long time did i make some ouftitpics again! I've holiday for one week so i made some time to blog. Yesterday i went to Essen in Germany with  my parents and brother. There was a big Primark, a Kiko store and a lots of other nice stors. So i bought a lot! The necklace, purse and jacket, wich i were on the picture, did i buy yesterday by primark. I also wear my new shoes wich i showed you in a earlier blogpost. This outfit is nearly totally black as most of my outfits the last few months. I really love black clothes because it's kind of mysterious and feminine, idk i just love the color black haha. 
Oh and yes i cut my hair very short a few weeks ago! I didn't like my long hair any more and it was really dead so i decided to cut my hair.

Do you like my new hair? And do you like my outfit? 

zondag 19 januari 2014


Hello! I didn't blog for a long time, but don't worry I am still a live! School ask a lot from me, so most of the time am I busy with school. But lets talk about more important stuff: my new shoes!! :)
I wanted the "Grace" boots from Vagabond for a long time. But my size was out of stock at every site. But my mom saw on that they had my size again. I was so happy and ordered them! You can wear them with every outfit. Besides that, they are also really comfortable, you don't feel that the heel is really high. I will post a outfit with them soon!

Enjoy your Sunday! x